Successful Sex For The Virginal, Newlywed Or Experienced Couple:

A Respectful, Essential & Concise Guide To Sexual Pleasure Together

By S. Laurie Hansen, CNM

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Contains essential helps for couples, and can be read in 2-3 hours!

“…..Excitement and desire to enjoy your sexuality and please your spouse will carry you a long way down the road to Successful Sex. You are intelligent, capable, and creative. With just a little guidance from this book, you will develop a great sexual relationship in your marriage.”

Reviews From Professionals

“Laure Hansen offers a roadmap that balances medical knowledge and practical advice from personal and patient experience. If you are looking for a refreshingly honest and insightful guide to successful sex, this is the book for you.”                                                                             ~  Dave Koelpin, Pastor, Foundation LC                                                                  

“While working directly with Laurie for 17 years, I have seen first-hand her ability to put couples at ease with her straightforward yet sensitive style. This book reflects this and is extremely valuable for any couple.”                               ~  Brooke Schoppmann, MA

“I work with pre-marital couples as well as high-conflict married couples. This valuable book has clear, direct information that I wish I had 30 years ago at the beginning of my career….This valuable short read will be fodder for thousands of excellent conversations that couples are required to engage in if they are to be happily married. It is timely information that I will refer my clients to from all of my clinics.”                                                                                    ~  Matt Eschler PhD, LMFT

"Important information presented a factual fashion for everyone who desires to learn the "facts of life" from a well-written perspective."                                                                   ~  Dr. Gary W. Clark

"Successful Sex is a remarkably refreshing introduction to the first sexual encounter as a married couple. It gives a much-needed positive view…to launch them on a successful joyful marital journey of intimacy."                                           ~  Julie O'Neill King, C.N.M.

Reviews From Ordinary People

"This book is very informational without being uncomfortable. Laurie makes it interesting, and the fact that it is short and covers all the points needed makes it a really unique book! I can see any young couple especially benefiting from this book."                                                                                                   ~  Haley Bettridge, a 26-year-old wife

“I read this book right before I got married. So glad I did! It's a concise, quick read and teaches you things about intimacy that I'd never previously thought of! Very informative and helpful.”                                                                                                                                        ~ Chet Higby, a 21-year-old husband

"I LOVED the book! It was very easy to read, very informational without being too graphic and didn't take long to read. This is a great book for new and experienced couples alike."                                                                                                                       ~  Cody Dirks, a 22-year-old engaged young man


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“Successful Sex For The Virginal, Newlywed Or Experienced Couple: A Respectful, Essential and Concise Guide To Sexual Pleasure Together”

by S. Laurie Hansen, CNM

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